Royal Martial Arts: Kickboxing All Ages

We teach kids tricks, kicks and techniques that are young, flashy and fun! We have set up a unique program that combines martial arts with flips from gymnastics. Our bouncy mats and cool music complete the fun! But it's not just flips and tricks. We work on confidence, personal safety and bully-defense in this all-round class.

In this modern training discipline, you will learn powerful self-protection techniques, kickboxing and impressive kicks. You will not learn the traditional martial arts kicks, but tricks and techniques that are more flashy and complex. Suitable for ages 12 - 20 years.

We offer an empowering class for ladies of all training levels. In this class, we mix up cardio, kickboxing, self-protection techniques, music and lots of fun! Classes are open to ladies only, the program is however led by coach Robert Koning from the Netherlands.

29 Oct 17

Al Mana Hills CLubhouse

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