HEROES Ignition (Youth Program)

Open to: Ages 15-28,Mixed. All and any levels accepted

Suggested: Loose comfortable clothing for       some training.

Price:100 QAR

Our goal is in activating true Earth Citizens,     HEROES, in and from the community!

Inspired by the United Nations tied programs,   International Brain Education Association(IBREA) and the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) for Mental Health & World Peace…

Journey into a program that combines training  for the body, based on the mind.Participants    will gain confidence in themselves, cultivate     values, strengths and learn to use them.

The greatness and sincerity of this cause helps us overcome our personal limitation and           expand our minds and hearts.

Developand raise your potential for:

1.     Self Confidence

2.     Learning your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them through experience (not simply knowing, but doing and learning from it)

3.     Raising your compassion for self and others

4.     Self Balance both mentally and emotionally

5.     Learning principles to help you connect and understand more with the way of your lifeand environment.

For further information & enquiry please contact +97430802626

04 Nov 17

Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa, Doha

Training Community Event