Brain Education Holistic Mind-Body Presentation & Experience (60-75 mins)

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Brain Education Holistic Mind-Body Experience

(60-75 mins)

BE- ME Combines the best approaches of Western neuroscience, gerokinesiology and Eastern health training principles to foster greater body and brain harmony all in one system




What we are going to deliver you?

We will be delivered an experience designed to awaken the body and brain, make the brain more flexible and adaptable and free it from negative emotional experiences and habits. Based upon Brain Education steps (sensitizing, versatilizing and refreshing).


We will experience through practice how to integrate brain functions, enhance executive control and begin to tap into more potential.


The goal is to help us realize that the power of the brain is not dependent upon age, role or circumstance but in the choices we make every moment.



Some of the benefits you can experience...

FOR YOUR BODY, increase your flexibility and balance for ease of movement, breathe deeper and more comfortably, improve your energy’s vitality, grow younger in the body and its form, help manage pains be it physical or emotional.

FOR YOUR MIND, help relax you and to handle stressful situations in life and work more easily, teach you how to calm the mind and improve overall attention, concentration & awareness, and encourage positive thoughts and self-acceptance.


What we will be doing exactly in this experience:


In this session we will quickly review some basic principles and understanding of how we manage mental, emotional and physical condition in Brain Education.



And then we are going to try and use our bodies to do it and practice together! With a combination of Meridian and Brain-based physical training.

This is both a little informational and mostly experiential session for the heart and mind.

28 Oct 17


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