Coal Recycling Trip to Inland Sea Oct 31 & Nov 3 Only

Join 365 Adventures as we plan on a massive beach and desert clean-up drive along with a coal recycling program.


The problem:

During the camping season, thousands of campers leave the dunes messy with trash and lots of coals. It comes up to a point where it shows in the pictures that tourists take and does not reflect good on the society we are living in!



Let's act smart and wise and take initiative in making sure that not only this does not happen again, but also, people are aware of what they can do with trash once they camp. We are proposing following solutions:

1) Clean-up the dune that has trash (general plastic bags, papers, cans etc) and put them all together at one place for MMUP trucks to come and take them.

2) Organize the coal that is split across several parts of dunes to one spot as a pile; so campers can spot it as a coal dumping spot; as well as; campers that run out of coal can also take the used coal and reuse it again (yes! it is reusable)

3) Raise awareness and have a great day out as we catch the sunset at the Inland Sea after a great day of work-out!



On 31st October & 3 November we will gather at the Sealine Beach at 1PM

2PM - 2:30PM: Depart from Sealine Beach Resort to clean-up spot (deep in the desert)

3PM - 5PM: Clean-up activity

5PM - 6PM: Swimming and sunset at Inland Sea

7PM: Return to Sealine Beach Resort


Bring on Board:

Please bring following with you on board;


  • Lunch / Sandwich
  • Any cleaning item that you think might help (bags, gloves etc)
  • Sunscreen / sunblock (just in case)
  • Wear comfortable clothes for beach / sand (flipflops, towels, shorts etc)
  • Extra pair of clothing after swimming


This adventure is free of cost if you have your own car, and if you do not, you would need to pay a minimum of 180 QAR for transportation.

31 Oct 17

Inland Sea, Qatar, Doha

Community Event