125,000 years of Khor Al Adaid through the looking glass of geology and ecology

The trip will include several stops: 1) A dune overlook of the inland sea to orient the trip discuss the large-scale natural processes that form this stark landscape.  2) A stop at the Inland Sea shoreline to discover the secrets of microbial marine mats.  3) A lunch stop near the Inland Sea Delta.Wading is encouraged. 4) A visit to sand mounds that host a 6000-year-old mollusk deposit. 5) A stop at a 125,000 year old outcrop of Pleistocene rock to get a sense for the environments here at that time. 6) A stop and short walk to a“salt flat” where gypsum and halite crystals can be found at the surface. This stop is optional, and also dependent on recent weather (if it rains prior to our arrival- the salt will not be there). 

03 Nov 17

Khor Al Adaid, Sealine

Community Event