Workshop - Towards Cultural Sustainability: Exploring Doha's Urban Consciousness

Afterliving in Doha for a number of years a person might ponder if Doha’sinhabitants - officials and non-officials alike - can see any evidence of aclear integrated zeitgeist that has actually shaped the City’sdevelopment, its form and its character. Looking back, Doha’s growthsince the 1950s seems to have been moulded only in response to severaldiverse, often-competing, drivers and visions, with little integrated andinspiring thought to provide a lead.

Consideringthe city as an entity for a moment, it could be said that it has not yetreached a state of consciousness. While planning has been largelyresponsive and pragmatic, no unified vision has been put forward thatrests easily and agreeably in the minds of its residents. While boldexperiments have been built, like West Bay, the Pearl andLusail, these have been singular and unconnectedin character and have largely turned their backs to the existingcity. As yet, no clear unified vision for the city springs tomind when contemplating Doha’s current urbanrealm. This workshop and discussion seeks to address this lack ofconsciousness by posing the following four insightful questions.






  1. 3. 4. The workshop is also linked with the sustainability-themed photography exhibition being produced by the Architects' Hub and AEB, which will be on display in the Art Gallery at HBKU Student Center from October 28th - November 4th. Photographic winners will be announced at the end of the workshop.

02 Nov 17

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Student Center - Conference Room 4, Doha

Training Community Event